An Introduction

My name is Emily, and I love all things food. My friend Allison once asked me “Is there ever a time when you’re not thinking about food?” and the truth is, not really. I love eating food, I love making food, I love trying new foods…I eat pretty much everything (with the exception of blue cheese, but that’s another story).

Since my kitchen repertoire often includes undocumented glugs of this and dashes of that, I often find myself frustrated when I try to recreate what was an awesome dish. Here I hope to be better at documenting that sort of thing (though please do not expect exact measurements—I’m not your girl for that!).

I get my food-spiration constantly—from the good cooks around me, from food blogs, from things I’ve eaten before at restaurants, and mainly from whatever my belly tells me it wants on a particular day.

So here’s to making [and/or] eating some food!


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