The Grub of SF Outside Lands 2012

SF Outsidelands is an amazing weekend of music, art, food, and drink. We ate a lot, drank a bit, and listened to a ton of music…all in all, a great weekend filled with many of my favorite things. I am writing about the food primarily as a note to self on things I’d love to figure out how to male.

Because I am a bad (read: noob) blogger, I forgot to take food pictures on Friday. Our food lineup included fried mac n’ cheese sticks and a black bean and plantain burrito (note to self: learn to make at home). Also, garlic fries. As you can see, we were ultra-healthy. Saturday was an OSL-free day because we were out at an 80th birthday picnic for my grandpa and then a wedding for a close family friend (said wedding had actually the best food I’ve ever eaten at a wedding). But back to OSL.

We started Sunday off with a double batch of my standard smoothie (recipe to follow eventually).  The delicious cast of characters starts with a combo of carrot juice and coconut water, and then a bunch of spinach, mint, ginger, frozen berries and mangoes. Since I didn’t have my standard banana I used a nectarine. Delicious. And full of goodness (that we definitely needed considering our long day ahead).

Breakfast smoothie!

From there, I decided to ditch the healthy stuff and opted for “The Works” from Farmerbrown’s booth. Amazing. Fried chicken, a waffle, mac n’ cheese, and cornbread. Because I am a strong believer in TREAT YO SELF. My sister opted for some sort of veggie wrap that looked delicious but I guess I didn’t consider it photo-worthy (my b).

Oh. My.

We washed those down with two of our beeritos, an almost foolproof way to get a few beers into a music festival. My friend Julia first introduced them to me, and I am forever grateful. Yay reasonably priced beer!

Beeritos. Sister apparently thought a Lagunitas IPA was much like a chicken/peppers burrito.

After more music, more dancing, more running around…dinner time rolled around. Sister opted for a bomb grilled cheese with farm egg from American Grilled Cheese Kitchen, while I went for Pica Pica‘s “maizewich” (much like a Colombian arepa, but a bit sweeter) with pulled pork. Definitely amazeballs.

Oh yeah, and we got some yucca fries too. I miss yucca.

Overall, it was an awesome and delicious weekend. Definitely got my brain churning with new ideas of what to make (on the list—more latin food, I forgot how much I love yucca and plantains)!

Did I mention we got to see STEVIE WONDER?????

Yeah. I freaked out a bit.



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